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See yourself anywhere in a pair of Illestevas, whether it’s on busy city streets or a relaxing beach hideaway. Handmade in Italy and designed in New York, Illesteva started in 2010 when they saw a unique opportunity to create a range of sun and eyewear that combined classic shapes with contemporary materials. Since then. they have maintained our experimental outlook while also using the highest quality materials made in family-run factories in Italy.

Alle produkter fra ILLESTEVA

Solbriller Alina Gold
DKK 1,500

Lækre solbriller fra Illesteva Stel - metal sølv/guld glas - army Håndlavede i Italien Hårdt læder itui medfølger  

Solbriller i sort-skildpadde
DKK 2,300

Lækre solbriller fra Illesteva Stel - sort-skildpadde   Hårdt læder itui medfølger