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AF Agger is a Danish fashion brand that focuses on designing essential and timeless pieces that can be passed on as part of a sustainable chain, rather than changing wardrobes with quick fashion choices. The collections from AF Agger are luxurious and of high quality with a holistic approach that incorporates simplicity, sophistication and the heritage of Scandinavian design.

At Lubarol you can find the AF Agger designs that we believe are truly timeless pieces to invest in and pass on to future generations.

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Product type
Klippan Boiled Wool Jacket - Beige/StripeKlippan Boiled Wool Jacket - Beige/Stripe
Toki Rugby Polo - Burgundy/NavyToki Rugby Polo - Burgundy/Navy
Toki Rugby Polo - Burgundy/Navy Sale price$385.00 USD
Canvas Sun nederdel - BeigeCanvas Sun nederdel - Beige
Canvas Sun nederdel - Beige Sale price$371.00 USD
Toki Tank Top - Grey
Toki Tank Top - Grey Sale price$134.00 USD
Tärnsjö Belt Narrow - Burgundy
Tärnsjö Belt Narrow - Burgundy Sale price$200.00 USD
Check Linen Dress - Burgundy/Nature MixCheck Linen Dress - Burgundy/Nature Mix
Check Linen Hoodie - Burgundy/Nature Mix
Check Linen PJ Shorts - Burgundy/Nature MixCheck Linen PJ Shorts - Burgundy/Nature Mix
Light Linen PJ Shorts - Dusty RoseLight Linen PJ Shorts - Dusty Rose
Light Linen PJ Shirt - Dusty RoseLight Linen PJ Shirt - Dusty Rose
Light Linen PJ Shirt - Dusty Rose Sale price$237.00 USD
Corduroy Box Trousers - BurgundyCorduroy Box Trousers - Burgundy
Corduroy Box Trousers - Burgundy Sale price$430.00 USD
Canvas Casual pants - BeigeCanvas Casual pants - Beige
Canvas Casual pants - Beige Sale price$430.00 USD
Corduroy Box Trousers - Cool BeigeCorduroy Box Trousers - Cool Beige
Corduroy Box Trousers - BlackCorduroy Box Trousers - Black
Corduroy Box Trousers - Black Sale price$430.00 USD
Coduroy Box Trouser - Dark BrownCoduroy Box Trouser - Dark Brown
Coduroy Box Trouser - Dark Brown Sale price$430.00 USD
Water Resistant Coat - Beige
Water Resistant Coat - Beige Sale price$963.00 USD
Water Resistant Coat - Cool Beige
Water Resistant Coat - BlackWater Resistant Coat - Black
Water Resistant Coat - Black Sale price$963.00 USD
Save 70%Les Olivades Poplin Shorts - Blue
Les Olivades Poplin Shorts - Blue Sale price$80.00 USD Regular price$267.00 USD
Garment Brush x Blindes ArbejdeGarment Brush x Blindes Arbejde
Garment Brush x Blindes Arbejde Sale price$30.00 USD
Save 70%Les Olivades Poplin Shorts - Grey
Les Olivades Poplin Shorts - Grey Sale price$80.00 USD Regular price$267.00 USD
Save 70%Les Olivades Poplin Pants - MultiLes Olivades Poplin Pants - Multi
Les Olivades Poplin Pants - Multi Sale price$152.00 USD Regular price$504.00 USD