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Akua Objects is a Danish brand specializing in glass. With glass as a poetic object, Akua Objects creates glassware in enchanting and classical forms. The glasses are mouth-blown and crafted with attention to the distinctive European tradition of glassblowing.

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Product type
Marianne Paperweight - Pear - YellowMarianne Paperweight - Pear - Yellow
Marianne Apple Paperweight - Amethyst
Karl Bonbonierre SwirlKarl Bonbonierre Swirl
Karl Bonbonierre Swirl Sale price1.800,00 DKK
Karl Bonbonierre DotsKarl Bonbonierre Dots
Karl Bonbonierre Dots Sale price1.800,00 DKK
Karl Glass - Forrest Green Karl Glass - Forrest Green
Uma Pendant - Ruby Uma Pendant - Ruby
Uma Pendant - Ruby Sale price650,00 DKK
Uma Pendant - Jade Uma Pendant - Jade
Uma Pendant - Jade Sale price650,00 DKK
Uma Pendant - Sapphire Uma Pendant - Sapphire
Uma Pendant - BlackUma Pendant - Black
Uma Pendant - Black Sale price650,00 DKK
Peter Glass Bowl - SapphirePeter Glass Bowl - Sapphire
Peter Glass Bowl - Hazel
Peter Glass Bowl - JadePeter Glass Bowl - Jade
Peter Glass Bowl - Rose
Peter Small Glass - JadePeter Small Glass - Jade
Peter Small Glass - Sapphire
Peter Small Glass - Rose
Peter Large Glass - Rose
Marianne Paperweight - PearMarianne Paperweight - Pear
Marianne Paperweight - Apple Jade
Michele Jug - Cobalt Blue
Alban Champagne Glass - Clear
Small Alban Wine Glass - Clear
Michael Glass Vase - RoseMichael Glass Vase - Rose
Michael Glass Vase - Amber Michael Glass Vase - Amber
Oliver Glass Vase - Clear
Michael Caddy - Citrine Michael Caddy - Citrine
Michael Caddy - Rose Michael Caddy - Rose
Michael Caddy - Rose Sale price2.200,00 DKK
Barbro Large Water Glass - ClearBarbro Large Water Glass - Clear
Barbro Small Water Glass - ClearBarbro Small Water Glass - Clear
Barbro White Wine Glass - ClearBarbro White Wine Glass - Clear
Michael Glass Vase - Emerald Michael Glass Vase - Emerald
Michael Glass Vase - ClearMichael Glass Vase - Clear
Peter Glass Large - Amethyst
Peter Glass Large - Sunstone
Peter Glass Small - Amethyst
Peter Glass Small - Sunstone
Peter Glass Small - Aquamarine
Peter Glasskål - Amethyst
Peter Glasskål - Sunstone
Peter Glasskål - Aquamarine
Barbro Red Wine Glass - ClearBarbro Red Wine Glass - Clear
Peter Small Glass - Hazel Rim
Uma pendant - Sky BlueUma pendant - Sky Blue
Michele Jug - Clear Michele Jug - Clear
Michele Jug - Clear Sale price2.200,00 DKK
Peter Large Glass - JadePeter Large Glass - Jade
Peter Glass Large - Aquamarine
Peter Large Glass - Hazel