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Let yourself be inspired by our selected styles for the Easter festivities

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Product type
Marianne Paperweight - Pear - YellowMarianne Paperweight - Pear - Yellow
Karl Bonbonierre - CircusKarl Bonbonierre - Circus
Karl Bonbonierre - Circus Sale price2.800,00 DKK
Game Bag - GranoGame Bag - Grano
Game Bag - Grano Sale price2.995,00 DKK
maria la rosa hårbøjle grano
Hair clip Ribbon - Grano Sale price499,00 DKK
Ida Pants - Oro
Ida Pants - Oro Sale price1.650,00 DKK
Silvano Jacket - OroSilvano Jacket - Oro
Silvano Jacket - Oro Sale price4.860,00 DKK
May Pants - Beige Corduroy
May Pants - Beige Corduroy Sale price1.650,00 DKK
Short Sock Gerbera - Beige
Short Sock Gerbera - Beige Sale price325,00 DKK
Coco Pants - Warm BeigeFicus Folium Coco Bukser - Warm Beige
Coco Pants - Warm Beige Sale price1.900,00 DKK
Antipast Baller Lace Strømper
Ballerina Lace Socks - Ivory Sale price325,00 DKK
Top CelestialTop Celestial
Top Celestial Sale price2.300,00 DKK
Dress Pristine - ButtermilkDress Pristine - Buttermilk
Dress Pristine - Buttermilk Sale price3.400,00 DKK
Oscar Shirt - Warm BeigeOscar Shirt - Warm Beige
Oscar Shirt - Warm Beige Sale price2.100,00 DKK
Madeline Scarf - Vanilla
Madeline Scarf - Vanilla Sale price700,00 DKK
Madeline Hat - Vanilla
Madeline Hat - Vanilla Sale price800,00 DKK
Antipast Pressed Flowers Ivory
Pressed Flowers Socks - Ivory Sale price325,00 DKK
annette intarsia cardigan sea new yorkAnnette Intarsia Cardigan
Annette Intarsia Cardigan Sale price4.275,00 DKK
mini game taske rosemary maria la rosaMini Game Bag - Rosemary
Mini Game Bag - Rosemary Sale price2.250,00 DKK
maria la rosa taske game cameoGame bag - Cameo
Game bag - Cameo Sale price2.995,00 DKK
Ida Pants - Quarzo
Ida Pants - Quarzo Sale price1.650,00 DKK
Tania Beaded Top - WhiteTania Beaded Top - White
Tania Beaded Top - White Sale price3.375,00 DKK
Sea-new-york-ramona-topsea new york ramona top
Ramona Embroidery Flutter Top Sale price3.650,00 DKK
Ida Pants - Grigio
Ida Pants - Grigio Sale price1.650,00 DKK
Antipast Pressed Flowers Lavender
Oscar Shirt - Velvet VioletOscar Shirt - Velvet Violet
Oscar Shirt - Velvet Violet Sale price2.100,00 DKK
May Pants - Velvet VioletMay Pants - Velvet Violet
May Pants - Velvet Violet Sale price1.800,00 DKK
Antipast Baller Lace Strømper
Baller Lace Socks - Grey Sale price325,00 DKK
Weejun Penny Leather Shoes - NavyWeejun Penny Leather Shoes - Navy
Weejun Penny Leather Shoes - Navy Sale price1.500,00 DKK
Madeline Scarf - Charcoal Grey
Madeline Scarf - Charcoal Grey Sale price700,00 DKK
Madeline Hat - NavyMadeline Hue Ficus Folium
Madeline Hat - Navy Sale price800,00 DKK
Madeline Hat - Chocolate Brown
Madeline Hat - Chocolate Brown Sale price800,00 DKK
Madeline Scarf - Chocolate Brown
Bladderwort Kande Astier de VillatteBladderwort Pitcher
Bladderwort Pitcher Sale price4.100,00 DKK
Astier de Villatte Peggy Lampe
Peggy Light Holder Sale price4.100,00 DKK
Karl Bonbonierre DotsKarl Bonbonierre Dots
Karl Bonbonierre Dots Sale price1.800,00 DKK
Karl Bonbonierre SwirlKarl Bonbonierre Swirl
Karl Bonbonierre Swirl Sale price1.800,00 DKK
Small Adelaide TeapotSmall Adelaide Teapot
Small Adelaide Teapot Sale price2.250,00 DKK
Michele Jug - Clear Michele Jug - Clear
Michele Jug - Clear Sale price2.200,00 DKK
No.04 Bois de Balincourt Handcreme 50mlNo.04 Bois de Balincourt Handcreme 50ml
Sold outTwisted Candle - YellowTwisted Candle - Yellow
Twisted Candle - Yellow Sale price59,00 DKK
Michele Jug - Amber
Michele Jug - Amber Sale price2.200,00 DKK
Michael Glass Vase - Amber Michael Glass Vase - Amber
Michael Glass Vase - Amber Sale price4.900,00 DKK
Michael Caddy - Citrine Michael Caddy - Citrine
Michael Caddy - Citrine Sale price2.200,00 DKK
Rattan CarafeRattan Carafe
Rattan Carafe Sale price700,00 DKK
Sold outMedium Rattan BasketMedium Rattan Basket
Medium Rattan Basket Sale price1.050,00 DKK
Body and Hand Soap - Bitter OrangeBody and Hand Soap - Bitter Orange
Body and Hand Cream - Bitter OrangeBody and Hand Cream - Bitter Orange
Marianne Paperweight - PearMarianne Paperweight - Pear
Marianne Paperweight - Pear Sale price1.300,00 DKK